I’m Guest Posting!

Some exciting news has hit me today. I reached out and responded to a call by Kevin from JustJapanStuff.com for guest contributors to write a post for his site. I’ve listened to Kevin’s podcast for a while, and his show is one of my favorites to listen to.

Kevin wrote me back and after discussing a few ideas, he told me to write about solo travel. I sent the post to him earlier this morning and just got a note from him that my post will be up on his site this weekend!

Go check out my post on his site, www.justjapanstuff.com, this weekend. While you’re there, check out the rest of his site and his podcast too. He loves sharing about Japan and talking to people about their experiences and lives in Japan on his show. I love his show and I think you will too.

Goodbye for now- there will be a big update on the travel front soon, but I can’t say anything about it yet as its for a family member’s wedding and not everyone has been told about the wedding. I promise too write more about it once I know details and any arrangements that have already been made.

Be back soon!